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Monday, May 7, 2012

Pussyfooting: Republic of Texas Restaurant on the Riverwalk

Tonight was another fairly disappointing dinner at the Republic of Texas Restaurant on the Riverwalk. I had an Awaushi burger, which is supposedly from a hoity-toity japanese cow. The burger was actually lean and tasty, but i really wanted a steak. Prior to settling on this restaurant, Sensei & I went to check out the menu at Little Rhein Steak House, but $50 for a steak seemed steep for the Golden Corral set. Bummer because my meal was only okay.

I was hoping to post a pic of dessert, but i didnt order dessert. About the time we thought about going out for dessert, there was a full-blown thunder/lightning storm raging. It was spooky. Even the Riverwalk shut down. I will try to get my rib eye tomorrow night!

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