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Monday, March 12, 2012

Oyster Sauce Burgers

Conversation of the week:
The Help, "Do you want to go to Ross?"
Kikukat, "No, I told you. . .I gave up Ross for Lent."
The Help, "You're not even Catholic!"

I may not be a regular at Christmas mass, but I am observing Lent beyond the reaches of the Catholic church.  I have decided to give up my weekly cruise through Ross, and so far, I've been managing okay.  It was an easier decision to give up Ross than to give up pork or cake or ideeli shopping.

This past week was a bummer altogether.  GP had a family emergency so he bailed, leaving me and Sensei to cover for him.  He couldn't have picked a shittier time to leave because the doodoo hit the fan from all angles while he was gone.  The phone rang constantly, and we even entertained office visitors for him.  I also came "this close" to yelling at someone (the same someone I yelled at last May and the ONLY someone I ever yelled at in my current job).  The one sliver of sunlight from my work week was checking out my friend NK's Mini Clubman.  Cool!  Maybe I can get one when I grow up, although I think I'd prefer the Countryman.

The commencement of my spring break was delayed because I inadvertently volunteered to attend a work-related function in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  This took 10+ hours(spread over two days) out of my Spring Break, but it was actually a breeze of fresh air after the nasty week I had.  I got to see my pal CR, which made the entire time worth it.  I miss her.

It was also nice that Sensei was there for the first leg(4 hours) so I had company for part of the drive and someone to bitch with while there.  In spite of being only on-time (and not early), Sensei and I arrived significantly before Uncle.  By the time Uncle arrived, everyone was seated.  Shame!  I had to brave it alone for the second leg, but it worked out okay because I got to spend time with CR.  I also got to walk through the Jaggar Museum.  The last time I was there was when I was in elementary school!

This week I'm sharing a recipe which has never let me down.  It makes the tastiest hamburger patty which can be served all kinds of different ways. . .with rice and a fried egg in a loco moco (scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to see an unflattering picture of a loco moco), or in a bun.  I normally make a single recipe, which will yield about 8 good-sized patties (for placing in a bun).

click on recipe title for printable recipe
Oyster Sauce Hamburger Patties

     1 lb ground beef
     2 slices bread, torn into bits
     1 egg
     2 tbsp chopped onion
     2 tbsp mayonnaise
     2 tbsp oyster sauce
     1 tbsp shoyu

Combine all ingredients thoroughly.  Form into patties and pan-fry.  Make gravy with drippings if necessary.

loco moco
I already told you this is an unflattering pic.


  1. Ok, I must be behind times. What's a Clubman and a Countryman? Plus is Ross an eating establishment in Hilo now? Location? thanks, lance

    1. Hi Lance. The Clubman and Countryman are both vehicles made by the Mini company ( The Cooper, another vehicle they make was made famous by one of the Bourne movies. No, Ross is not an eating establishment. Its a name brand "discount" store, like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Didn't realize there's a bunch of different models of Mini. Nice. Hope you get yours one day. I always wanted one too. -lance

  3. Excellent recipe! Easy to make. The taste reminds me of the (best) "Hamburger steak" at the old KK's Place in downtown Hilo. - James

    1. Thank you. We like to use it for loco moco too, but because I'm lazy, we use the Knorr or Schilling brown gravy mix.