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Monday, August 4, 2014

Soba and Asparagus Salad

I am definitely back at work.  There is no doubt about it.  My muscles ache.  My feet ache.  Even the marrow in my bones ache. 

By the time this gets posted, I might not even be alive.  Today is the first day of school for everyone (all the students).  This past Friday was freshman-only day, so they would've had a weekend to relax before the big dogs usurp the coveted areas on campus they thought they could claim. Hopefully they listened carefully to the senior guides.  I like the way the school allows seniors to do a service project for freshman-only day by serving as guides. 

Last week was the first full work week for teachers.  I think I came home from work just too tired to cook, which is how we ended up eating take-out food or food from the freezer all week.  I don't think defrosting and heating frozen food counts as "cooking".

One night I felt a little guilty because D2 and I ate 2 lbs of crab between us.  D1 had gone out for the evening so D2 suggested we eat the crab we bought the last time from Costco.  She said she's been craving crab from early summer, even before she went to Japan, and she didn't get to eat any crab in Japan.  Poor thing.  Times must've been hard!  Anyway, the crab was so yummy.  I will need to get more the next time I head to Costco.  2 lbs was just enough for the two of us.

I finally decided to get off my ass yesterday and sort-of cook.  Because it's been so hot and muggy recently, a cool dish like this was so  refreshing.  If I had any leftover crab, I would've sprinkled some over the top.  IF I had any leftover crab. . .

click on recipe title for printable recipe

     1 pkg (about 12 ounces) soba
     1 lb asparagus
     1/2 c chicken broth
     1/4 c shoyu
     3 tbsp sugar
     1/2 tsp Hondashi
     2 tbsp sesame seeds
     2 tbsp sesame oil
     2 tbsp rice vinegar

In a jar with a tight fitting lid, combine chicken broth, shoyu, sugar, Hondashi, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and rice vinegar.  Shake to dissolve sugar.  Chill.  Bring a saucepan of water to a boil.  Cook asparagus for 2 minutes.  Remove and plunge into ice water immediately.  Drain well.  Slice into 3/4" pieces.  Cook soba according to package directions (most packages suggest boiling for 6-7 minutes).  Drain and rinse under cold water.  Drain soba well and place in serving dish.  Add asparagus.  Shake dressing and pour over soba and asparagus.  Toss gently before eating.

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