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Monday, January 25, 2016

Korean Chicken

Why is it that short weeks seem to drag by? Why is it that the shit always seems to hit the fan during short weeks?

That's exactly what happened this week.

That's exactly why I'm taking no prisoners today!

Last week was prom packet pick-up.  I cannot understand why students wait until the last minute to clear obligations.  I also cannot understand why students wait until the last minute to pick up packets.  Some dude didn't even attempt to pick up a packet and then expected me to give him one.  I told him he was too late, and he began cussing me out.  Ummm, they had four days to pick up, and they knew even before winter break that packet pick up would be happening in mid-January.

Someone else tried to get a packet without clearing financial obligations.  She got angry at me because I told her she had financial obligations to clear.

But the winner was another student who went to see my cuz for a packet.  My cuz refused on several grounds...outstanding obligations and packet pick-up time was over.  The student asked to speak to the "person in charge".  My cuz, no pushover herself, warned the student that the outcome would not be different.  I guess that's when the student showed up at my room, insisting a packet be given.  I had spoken to this student during lunch and mentioned the clearing of all obligations.  But this student wouldn't budge.  SHE stood in front of me and said she wants to go to the prom.  I told her there was nothing I could do to help her now because packet pick up is over.  She continued to stand in front of me.  I had to tell her to leave my room because I had work to do.  Amazing!

dipping cooked chicken pieces into the sauce
My weekend trip to Honolulu couldn't have come at a better time.  Of course it was for medical reasons, but I enjoyed being there. . . shopping, eating, more shopping, more eating.  The Help tagged along.  Well, The Help actually had an agenda for the trip.  He managed to get himself a spanking new toy.  He also drove me around without complaining and even read things to me when I couldn't see.  

The trip rejuvenated me for what I'm bracing for today...the kids who failed to get prom packets are probably going to seek me out.  Some will try and get sympathy while others will try and intimidate me.  I may even have parents calling me.  Whatevers.  We are moving forward.

On our way home from the airport, we stopped at the market to buy food for tonight's dinner.  I bought a pack of chicken wings because I've been ono for Korean chicken. . .the kine I grew up with. 

chicken glazed just right
About a year ago, I blogged about a copycat version of a popular take out dish from Kay's Lunch Center.  Kay's called it "Korean chicken", and they would shred it up and use it in another popular dish, Korean chicken salad.  As best as I can recall, that recipe is what Kay's chicken was like.

But the Korean chicken made lovingly by aunties for family parties (come on. . .if you grew up in Hawaii, you probably had an auntie who made the best Korean chicken), was not the same as what Kay's Lunch Center called Korean chicken.

Today's blog recipe IS the Korean chicken I grew up with.  Unlike the previously posted version, this chicken is seasoned AFTER frying, therefore, not much forethought is required in making this for a quick weeknight dinner (or an impromptu potluck).  Strangely enough, my favorite way to eat this is cold...refrigerator cold.

click on recipe title for printable recipe

     2-3 lbs chicken wings
     2 cloves garlic, crushed
     1/2 c shoyu
     6 tbsp sugar
     2 tbsp sesame oil
     2 chili peppers, seeds removed, crushed
     green onions, chopped fine
     1/3 c potato starch (may substitute cornstarch or flour)
     1/3 c flour
     oil for frying

Disjoint chicken wings, discarding tips.  Set aside.  In a small bowl, combine garlic, shoyu, sugar, sesame oil, chili peppers and green onions.  Stir to dissolve sugar then set aside.  In a small ziploc bag, combine potato starch and flour.  Heat oil (about 1/2" deep) in a skillet.  Coat chicken pieces in potato starch/flour.  Fry in heated oil until golden brown.  As chicken browns, remove from skillet and plunge into sauce.  Turn chicken pieces to coat well.  Place in a serving dish. 

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