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Monday, July 27, 2015

Secret Strawberry Smoothies

Summer came to a screeching halt on Thursday.  Come to think about it, I really didn't have much of a summer.  I guess the return to my regular job happened on Thursday, so having the all-day faculty meeting made the end of summer very real.

Shit!  I had lots of plans for the summer. . .clean my house, plant a garden, buy a new bed.  I've done none of those things.  Maybe it's the imminent departure of D1 that has me feeling a little sluggish.  I will miss her, and I'm really not certain how I'm going to cope with her being gone.  I will save my lamenting for another post, probably when it gets closer to THE date.

In spite of summer coming to an end, it was nice to see some of my coworkers.  I hadn't seen most of them during the summer, so the first faculty meeting is often when the catching up conversations happen.  Some people looked awfully well-rested (not me).

Today and tomorrow are faculty work days, which means it's time to trick out the room and get it "student-ready".  I managed to go in for a few hours last week, and The Help moved my desks for me.  It's practically ready to receive students, but I need to work on my syllabus and expectations.

I would have wanted to work on my handouts this weekend, but I spent the entire weekend in Honolulu.  It was awfully hot when I left for Honolulu, and it was just as hot there too.  The Hawaii Prince Hotel spends no money to cool down their garage, so walking to/from the car was miserable.

Speaking of the Hawaii Prince Hotel. . .they put us in a "handicapped" room.  It was interesting.  The door opened outwards.  There was also no tub in the bathroom; there was only a shower stall which was the same level as the floor.  No barrier to step over, so we had to be very careful not to get the rest of the bathroom floor wet.  It was a bit odd.

Anyway, since we are facing a bunch of additional hot days, I thought I'd post a recipe for a cool treat D2 really enjoys. . .strawberry smoothies.  While you can always use regular milk, we've found that Silk coconut milk makes a rich-tasting smoothie with just a hint of creamy coconut flavor.  Silk coconut milk can be found at the supermarket, but Costco offers the best price.  And you can get your strawberries there too!
click on recipe title for printable recipe

     vanilla ice cream
     fresh strawberries
     Silk coconut milk

Combine all ingredients in the jar of a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Use more ice cream for a sweeter smoothie.

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