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Monday, December 24, 2012

Mini Rainbow Cupcakes with Tie Dye Buttercream Frosting

Happy day of Christmas Eve!!!  I think I've been a good kat this year, so I'm hoping Santa brings me something good.  If Santa decides to pay us a visit, he may get lucky and get some of these:  mini rainbow cupcakes with tie dye buttercream frosting.

The mini cupcake journey is taking me on an interesting ride.  I first blogged about these when I made some for Halloween.  The Halloween ones were made with Betty Crocker's golden vanilla cake mix and frosted with Kick Ass Frosting, a cooked cream frosting.

This time, I used Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, and did the tie dye technique with buttercream frosting.  I found that the cupcakes I made in the 2 oz portion cups needed to bake for 19 minutes (golden vanilla baked in 15 minutes and devil's food baked in 19 minutes), and I was able to make 33 cupcakes with 1 box of the Betty Crocker yellow cake mix (Betty Crocker golden vanilla and devil's food cake mix made about 40 each).  

At the urging of D1, we made a version of rainbow cupcakes, a much blogged-about creation at a whole bunch of different websites.  These cupcakes were intended to reflect the colors of Christmas, red, green, and gold, but the red turned out less than red.  Upon the advice of a coworker, I ordered a different type of food coloring, so I'm eagerly anticipating its arrival to see if it will yield a more "red" color.  Of course, along with the Christmas gift I ordered for D2, it will arrive AFTER Christmas.  Stay tuned. . .

This was my first attempt at tie dye frosting.  I followed the tutorial here.  Thank you, Mel!  I should have used the 1M tip instead of the open star tip, but I was so caught up in doing the tie dye frosting that I could not be bothered with changing the tip (The Help did the frosting of the cupcakes for me, so all the frosted cupcakes seen in this post are his handiwork).  He used to work at a "European" restaurant in Aina Haina, so he does have some kitchen experience.

This week's recipe is my go to recipe for buttercream frosting.  It is an adaptation from the version in the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook (one of my favorite cookbooks).  I've made it often, but given my climate, I've found that I have consistently needed to add a bit more powdered sugar to get the right consistency for piping in a pastry bag. At some point, I tried to go with less liquid, but it was easier to start with the additional powdered sugar.

click on recipe title for printable recipe
Buttercream Frosting
(adapted from the Cake Mix Doctor)

     1/2 c butter, softened
     3 3/4 c + 2 tbsp powdered sugar, sifted
     3 tbsp milk
     2 tsp vanilla

Beat butter on low speed for 30 seconds.  Add remaining ingredients.  Beat on low speed for a minute.  Beat on medium speed for 1 minute.  Makes 3 1/2 c frosting.  

If you are still with me, I'm also going to share a few helpful tidbits here:

*A box of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix will divide nicely into three 1 1/4 cup portions.  This is helpful if you are making cupcakes for people who want a "rainbow" effect.  

*If making 1-color mini cupcakes (not rainbow), use 2 full #60 dishers to fill each cup

 *Rainbow mini cupcakes are a pain in the ass, but its much easier/neater if the divided batter is placed in plastic ziploc bags and squeezed into each baking cup.  The Help and D1 both insist that using a disher is downright ridiculous.

*The frosting recipe will make enough to frost anywhere from 36-50 mini cupcakes.  Using a smaller tip will allow you to frost 50

*The frosting recipe will make enough to frost anywhere from 36-50 mini cupcakes.  Using a smaller tip will allow you to frost 50 cupcakes, whereas using a 1M tip will frost about 36 cupcakes. 

*The 1M tip produces the frosting pattern seen in the picture on the left.

Since the last post, where I commented about the tragic events in Newtown, Hawaii has experienced its own tragedy.  Our beloved senior senator, Daniel Inouye passed away in Washington, D.C. He was a iconic figure in both Hawaii and Washington political scenes.  Our entire nation will miss him dearly.  Now to watch and see who disrespects the honorable senator's wish for his legacy.

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