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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July Firecrackers

I need to thank D2 for this post.  I was just going to do a simple post, wishing everyone a happy fourth.  But a few days ago while I was getting ready to go out, D2 showed me a YouTube video giving detailed "how-tos" for these cute treats.  The recipe and instructional video can also be found on the Kraft Jell-O website.

Unfortunately, this being Hilo, we were unable to find plastic/disposable 1 oz shot glasses to accommodate the 20 portions this makes.  We ended up making this in 3 oz bathroom cups (plastic), so while the recipe suggests using 2 tsp for each layer, we used 1 tbsp.  Thanks to my butterfingers (I spilled one of the cups), we made 16 desserts, instead of 17.  Yes, D2 and I had fun eating the extra cherries.

The video shows the jello being eased out of the cups which appears simple enough.  But in real life, getting the jello out that way was not simple at all.  But The Help, using the podogee brains, figured out that the easiest way to get the jello out was to smash the cup into an oval shape and roll the cup a few times between the palms.  The jello will pop right out.

The recipe calls for cherry jello, but we used strawberry because thats the red flavor we seem to buy.  I can't remember ever buying cherry jello.

I would eventually like to try the adult version of this (also on the jello website).  But I will need to wait until the novelty of making this wears off.  I don't think D2 would be happy to make this if she wasn't able to eat it.

Hmmmmmm, I'm really worried about how I will top this next year.

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