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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Restaurant Chatter: 50s Highway Fountain

So much to look at. . .I'm on overload already!
 Tucked away in sleepy Laupahoehoe, Hawaii, is The 50s Highway Fountain.  As its name implies, the decor is a shrine to the bygone era of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Grease.  The picture above is the inner-most room of the restaurant, and tables adjacent to the back window overlook Mamalahoa Highway/Hawaii Belt Road.  But don't worry. . .there is a decent stretch of lawn between the speeding cars and the restaurant.

entrance to the restaurant

I couldn't resist getting a picture of the old-fashioned jukebox which sits just outside the restaurant.  I don't remember seeing anything like it growing up; for once, I'm too young.  But I love how the see-thru panel shows the vinyl and turntable inside.

The picture below is the front room of the restaurant.  I don't think the lady was happy about her picture being taken, but I couldn't resist firing my camera.  The floors were the first thing which caught my eye. . .reminds me of the Vermeer painting.  When I was going through my pictures, I noticed the tables.  I'm sure my grandpa's house in Hilo had a similar linoleum-topped table.

And yes, I do remember the jukebox in this room.  Sadly, I'm THAT old!
front room
old-fashioned soda/ice cream parlor set-up. . .except for the microwave in the upper right-hand corner
Larry's toys

There was a story on the back of the menu, which I never got to read.  I'm sure the founder of the restaurant is a dude named Larry who has a penchant for classic cars.  The back room of the restaurant had an odd mix of displays. . .cars, John Wayne, and Happy Days.  The bathroom was full of Betty Boop things.  If I had my camera in the bathroom, I would've taken a pic of the Betty Boop toilet paper holder.

The Help ordered a burger, which is what one is SUPPOSED to order at The 50s.  It was topped with two slices of pepperjack cheese and came with a small paper dish of what appeared to be some type of ketchup-mayo mix.  He offered me a taste, but I declined.  For whatever reason, I just didn't feel like eating a burger.  The Help enjoyed the burger and said he'd like to return to try other things. . .special of the day was khal bi.

I ordered the fish & chips platter instead.  The ono (wahoo) was sliced thin (the way I like it) and lightly battered.  Although it was fried crispy, the whole dish (fish & fries) seemed oil-heavy, some of which I'm wearing on my face now.

Maybe this seems manini (minor), but I dig the checkered tissue paper used to line the plates.

The only thing missing was Fonzie!


  1. LOL!!!! How was the food? -lance

  2. Food was alright. I was surprised at the large menu selection. I'll post more pics soon.