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Monday, January 30, 2012

Kinako Puffs

Kinako Puff Addict
We've been eating a lot of mochi stuff (mt. view gramma's kinako mochi, zensai, kinako puffs, zenzai), and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.  With New Years (Japanese, Chinese, and everything else in between) behind us, we're now knocking on the door of the next mochi-eating day, Girls Day. No doubt, the Ds will be expecting some kind of cutesy gift.  I'd better start planning now.

This week began with lots of feasting.  The High Commander (HC) treated all of us drones to Chinese food for lunch on Monday.  That lady is generous and treats employees very well.  Too bad others cannot seem to learn from her.  And its not like they aren't stuffing their faces with food either!  Pity.

On Thursday, I experienced something I hope I never need to experience again. . .my computer crashed.  I have a virus to thank for this.  I spent Thursday night and most of this weekend trying to restore my computer to pre-sickness status.  Luckily, I invested $ in a LaCie Rikiki 1 TB hard drive which was set to backup weekly (I do it daily now!).  Unfortunately, I lost access to Adobe Photoshop Elements and all the keyword tags.  So while I could easily upload all my pics, I had to re-install Adobe and am now in the painstaking process of tagging all of my pics again.  But now, I'm also backing up my Adobe catalog (and all the keyword tags) to my Rugged drive; so if I have another crash, I should be able to restore my catalog when I re-install Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Oh, and I also bought a 1-year subscription to Avest! antivirus software.  Sore lesson!

The high point of my week was going to Honolulu for a day (Friday) to attend a training with the Attorney General's office.  Learned some rather interesting things, along with some things I wish I didn't hear, and some things which fit BOTH of those categories.  I was lucky enough to enjoy a meal at Goma Tei, and I picked up a trinket for the HC.  While I was at Honolulu International Airport waiting for my return flight, I learned that I'll be hosting 2 high school students from Nagano, Japan.  They will spend a few days in Hilo with a some classmates and a teacher.  Its not clear to me yet WHY they are coming, but what is clear, crystal clear, is that they will arrive on Monday, FEBRUARY 6!!!  I need to start cleaning my house soon.  Cripes!!!

I was kinda naughty this weekend.  On Saturday, I told Mr. Dependable to take D2 to a birthday party.  Well, when he got there, nobody was there.  I checked the invitation and text message and realized the party is this coming weekend.  Oops!  But last night, I was really, really naughty, and I will likely pay royally later.  It was a moment of weakness, and I needed something to make myself feel better.  No, I didn't have a bad day.  No, I, I, umm, ohhh. . .

I never got around to telling you what I contributed to CAE's New Years Day party.  This year, I was told to bring:
fried ginger chicken wings
pumpkin crunch cake
apricot-pineapple-mac nut bars
I planned really well so the desserts were made the night before.  I got up early and fried the chicken in the largest cast iron skillet I could find.  I was done early and was feeling rather ambitious, so I decided to make kinako puffs.

kinako puffs

Kinako puffs are tiny, slightly sweet, deep-fried balls made with mochiko and kinako (soy bean flour).  Use a tiny disher to scoop the batter into the hot oil.  I think I used a #70. . .using #50 resulted in larger puffs which did not cook properly.  Because the mochiko is specified by weight, it might be helpful to have a kitchen scale to weigh the mochiko, unless you live in Hawaii, where mochiko is also available in 10 oz. bags (in addition to the 1-pound box).  I may have read somewhere that 10 oz. mochiko is equivalent to 2 cups, but I'm not totally sure.  I do know that the 1 lb. box contains MORE than 3 cups (but less than 4 cups).

LA, a.k.a., kinako puff addict, couldn't stop eating them.  She said they were so cute and just the right size for popping into her mouth.  I wasn't counting, but every time I looked, she had one in her hand or her mouth. But that's okay because she's been working it all off at Zumba (yes, I saw your pics!).

click on recipe title for printable recipe
Kinako Puffs

     10 oz mochiko
     1 c sugar
     2 tsp baking powder
     1/2 c kinako
     1 tsp salt
     1 1/4 c water
     oil for deep frying

Heat oil to 340 degrees.  In a bowl, combine dry ingredients with a whisk.  Add water and mix.  Use a small disher to scoop tiny balls into hot oil.  Fry until golden brown.  Drain.


  1. I love kinako too! What is a "small disher" ?

    1. A small scoop, maybe a #70 (the larger the number the smaller the portion), about a rounded teaspoonful.

    2. I tried out this recipe but it didn't turn out good looking like yours. My batter was really thin so I had to add more mochiko. They had a hard texture but the taste was good -- maybe it was a good first-time practice for me!

      Do you know of any tasty recipes for Konnyaku (block form type) ?