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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Restaurant Chatter: Goma Tei

Just look at how thick and hearty the broth is.
I have been waiting a long time to post this.  Goma Tei has got to be my favorite noodle restaurant in the world.  Yes, I meant world.  Of course, I missed out on having ramen at the yatai in Fukuoka/Hakata because Mr. Dependable had seen the yatai workers washing dishes in the back.  That ended any chance I had of sampling what is known in Japan as good ramen.  Okay, so my world is a little narrow.

When I'm in Honolulu, I make every attempt to enjoy at least one meal at Goma Tei.  Goma Tei has 2 locations, Ward Center and Ala Moana.  I will eat at either location, as I can't tell the difference in the quality of the food.  They are both awesome.

There is never any doubt as to what I'll eat at Goma Tei:  tan tan ramen and gyoza.  The tan tan broth is sultry and robust.  The gyoza have just the right amount of garlic.  If there was some way I could bring tan tan noodles and gyoza home for moonyagi, I would do it!  I would also love it if Goma Tei were to open another shop on the Big Island.  If they came to Hilo, I'd eat there weekly!

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