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Monday, September 12, 2011

Water Bottle Holders

Now that we're back to work the weather decides to be hot and sunny.  That just sucks!  Why couldn't it have been hot and sunny when I was on vacation?

Holders are sized differently to accommodate different bottle sizes.
Last school year, I brought two bottles of water to work daily to combat the heat.  By pau hana time, both bottles and a can of diet coke would be emptied.  Since I love cold drinks, I used a water bottle holder D1 made for me in sewing class last summer.  This worked well, and my desk was spared any wet ring from the condensation.  But with daily use, the holder developed mildew stains, which no amount of washing could remove.  So it was time to break out the sewing machine and try to copy the fine job D1 did.

It makes a great gift!
Thinking that I could improve on the idea by adding an extra layer of absorbent material (D1's sewing class version was 2-layers:  fabric and terry cloth), I chose insulated batting, thinking the insulation would help keep the contents of the bottle cool for a longer period of time.  Since there were times that my desk did get a little damp, I figured the extra layer wouldn't hurt.

I think my modifications to the holder worked out well.  Rather than bore any of you with the procedure, let me know if you are interested in the directions (leave a comment).  Beginner level sewing skills are adequate for this, and they make great gifts too!

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