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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Steamed Fish

Steamed dishes evoke feel-good moments.  Theres something very pristine and simple about eating food cooked with steam.  Oil is kept to a minimum, allowing food flavors to shine through.

Steamed fish is very popular here, especially during mullet season.  The Seaside Restaurant has built its reputation on fresh steamed mullet done simply with lemon and onion slices.  A variation to steaming fish with lemon and onion is to steam fish "chinese style".

"Chinese style" usually means that shoyu, and green onions are involved in some way.  Many different methods exist, and I use different  methods/ingredients depending on the fish.  A mullet, mu (big eye emperor), or opakapaka (snapper), would be doused with hot oil for the sizzle effect after the fish emerges from the steamer.  For fish slices, mahimahi being a favorite, I go with a method which does not entail the sizzling apres-steaming show.

Arrange fish slices in a steam/heat proof dish with a low rim or flange.
Combine sauce ingredients in a small bowl.

Smear sauce over fish slices and top with slivered green onions.  Steam for 20 minutes.

Dinner is ready!

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Chinese Steamed Fish Fillets
     1 lb fish fillets
     1 tbsp salted black beans, rinsed & mashed
     1 tbsp cornstarch
     2 tbsp shoyu
     1 tsp sugar
     1 tsp oil
     1 piece ginger, grated
     1 clove garlic, grated
     1 tbsp salted turnip, minced
     2 stalks green onion, chopped

Slice fish fillet into pieces 3/8" thick.  Place in a steam-proof dish.  Combine all remaining ingredients except green onions.  Spread over fish slices.  Sprinkle green onions.  Steam for 20 minutes.

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