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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Dinner Rolls

An ex-boyfriend told me that the best thing about a 3-day weekend is a 4-day work week.  That was probably the most profound thing he said.  Too bad that wisdom didn't help him be less of a two-timing prick.

But even I need to acknowledge that he is right.  That's exactly what made this past week bearable. . .it was over before too long.  I parked myself in front of the computer for a few days, trying to develop a training presentation.  In the middle of my work, a bitch troll (borrowing Anna's words) called to ask me if she really needed to attend because she didn't want to waste her time.  She has a lot of nerve. . .but not as many as the wrinkles on her face!  Of course she should attend!  We will be going over updates to the system which will "go live" within the next month.  Just the word updates indicates there are new things coming down. 

I hope this week will go by quickly too.  My tolerance level was fairly high most of last week, so I let people slide with their stupid comments.  The good will and jolly nature ended abruptly when I went to the doctor to get the results of my blood test.  My cholesterol went up from the last blood test, and I've been asked to stay away from fatty foods.  This really bums me out because last week's post had me totally jonesing for a hunk of prime beef.

I'm a little apprehensive about cooking a roast now because I know in a few days, I'll be pigging out on turkey.  Thanksgiving seems to be early this year.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'd like to wish Odie a happy birthday!!!  I hope you'll have a great day.

We are headed to Aunty Janice's for Thanksgiving.  I told her I'd bring mashed potatoes, which I plan to load with butter and cream.  I'm also thinking of bringing these rolls.  It might be a good distraction from the cholesterol-laden mashed potatoes.

I have made these rolls several times, and each time I serve them, they are a big hit with the kids.  They are easy to eat, and they are tasty enough to eat without additional butter.  The recipe suggests using the dough to make cinnamon rolls, but I have yet to try that. 

One thing I'm happy about is having the Ds all to myself this Thanksgiving.  I normally share them with Mr. Dependable on this day.  This isn't as bad as it sounds because my family traditionally does a lunch thing, while his family gathers for dinner.  This year we'll be able to enjoy a leisurely lunch at Aunty Janice's instead of having to rush home to do the hand off.  The Ds drive me crazy, but I really do miss them when they leave for the weekend.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Aunty Janice will make oyster dressing.  After spending half her life on the east coast, Aunty Janice moved back to the Big Island with Uncle Dave.  They bought a home which was built on a lava bluff in Hawaiian Paradise Park.  Aunty Janice tends to cook foods which reflect the food traditions of the east/south. . .oyster dressing, soft shell crab, etc.  I'm salivating now in hopes I will see the pan of oyster dressing on the table.

This being a long weekend and all, I hope to wrap Christmas gifts.  I was toying with the idea of getting a Christmas tree this weekend (I know that a shipment is in somewhere because I saw a tree masted to the roof of a small car in Pahoa on Friday), but it seems a bit early to have it up.  Its upsetting to see gifts under a brown tree at Christmas, and at my age, I hardly get any gifts so the situation is even more distasteful.

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