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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lion Cut

Now that things have calmed down since D1 returned from Japan, I finally had time to take care of domestic things. Imagine my surprise when I picked up Desi and noticed that she was full of "lumps". Those lumps turned out to be mats, lots and lots of mats.

I managed to get her an appointment with the "in-house" groomer at the vet (the person who does the shaving before animals go into surgery).

By posting the picture on facebook, I got a whole lot of comments from "friends" that ranged from how adorable she looks to folks who were just appalled.  It was actually quite alarming as to how many people lack feline knowlege.  In case you are reading this, and you happen to be one of those who posted some vile comment, no worries . . . nothing personal . . . but I think its important that people are aware that long-haired cats require some assistance in grooming.

My cousin Lori lived on the mainland for years, rubbing elbows with yuppie-types in the metropolitan areas of Chicago and the Big Apple.  It  was certainly no surprise to her that Desi got a lion cut.  She said a few of her friends keep their cats in a lion cut year-round to keep them comfortable. . . mats pull cat fur in all directions, making small, simple movements very painful.  Aha!  Someone who understands.

Anyway, I'm hoping we do a better job of grooming Desi so she will not need a lion cut for a while (or ever).  But like my friend Andrea so kindly mentioned, she DOES look really cute.  I think so too.

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